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Site Ethos and Information

The aim of ManMadeClub is to create engaging content ​that we ourselves are passionate about, giving our opinions and views to promote discussion on a wide variety of topics.


We are never going to be the first to review​ a product and in the case of newly released items we will rarely make release day.

​What we will do is to give our honest opinion of products from our viewpoint. This viewpoint will invariably be different from other outlets. Our vision for ManMadeClub is that we use our current lifestyle situations to give a different slant for our reviews. We are busy, modern men with many varied responsibilities and time pressures. The "Who are we?" page goes into more detail and our generalist nature will mean that we can't and won't review everything.

Passion for new discoveries whether it's a new found video game or a pair of mountain biking gloves will drive us to discuss it in someway. It may be through a formal review article or a smaller initial impressions based one, we may say something in a podcast or do a YouTube video. Whatever the medium the reviews will be impartial and honest. Wherever we have been given free stuff to review, we will always mention it.

Being free doesn't mean its good.

Advertisements and Affiliation

We advertise on this site in two ways, using Google Ad sense to provide context sensitive advertisements and also using direct affiliation links. These advertisements support the site and help us to grow. We carefully consider placement and relevance for all of our advertising, but ultimately we are trying to support the growth of our site.

As always we welcome comments and discussion on any of our content - get involved!