Gaming Week-Lee’s – How to play Resogun

In my previous post I reminisced about community leaderboards of old and threw down the gauntlet for anyone and everyone to join me in some not-too-serious Resogun leaderboard shenanigans. I felt I could already hold my own and had posted some pretty decent scores among my PSN friends list.

Or so I thought.

I need to learn how to play Resogun

I had no idea of the depth and nuance to the scoring mechanisms. I realised I needed to actually learn how to play Resogun. With the recent release of the Defenders DLC I wanted to focus on one of the new modes and specifically commando mode. You can watch me complete a fairly decent run but I have since increased my score.

How to play Resogun

My current high score for Commando Mode

During my runs I have come to learn a few 'hidden' tricks to getting better scores. This is key to increasing your multiplier which of course is the biggest help in putting up some big numbers.

  1. ​You can jump! Perhaps not new to you, however it took me a few playthroughs to realise that you can. What you might not know is that you can double jump - just hit jump twice! Jumping is key to putting in  big score because..........
  2. The bonus multiplier drops increase in value depending on how you pick them up. You can pick them up off the floor, for a small increase you can grab them before they hit the floor but for the biggest bonus you can pluck them from the air whilst you are jumping! The bonus for doing so is an increase in points value and a bigger increase to your multiplier.

Survival of the unfittest

After posting a respectable score on commando mode I wanted to turn my attention to survival mode. Whilst not new to the game (it was part of the Heroes DLC released in June 2014) I had not really given it much time and had not managed to post any decent scores.

Housemarque​ have done a great job with keeping the core mechanics the same across the different game types but have tweaked some small aspects that completely change the way you approach your run. I haven't yet managed to post a decent score, but I have found out a key strategy that I didn't know before.

In Survival mode you save humans just like the majority of other modes. They drop randomly from the top of the play field and you only have to pick them up - no dropping off at safe zones. When you pick up enough humans you get a bonus pickup appear, the number of humans needed top make the pickup appear increases with each successive cycle. There is also a cycle of pickups with one being a weapon power-up and the next one being a random "boost" (a shield, a temporary time slowdown, a temporary​ weapon boost etc etc). The second random boost can be saved - don't pick it up, and when another power up appears on the screen the one you left automatically turns into a multiplier up boost!

In my games now if I already have a shield and I get another one drop I leave it to turn into a multiplier! This means I can get some high multipliers quite quickly.

My only problem now is surviving long enough..............

My current survival high score

Want to join me on this journey? Want me to berate you with Playstation messages including pictures of my victories? Add me ​on PSN: WeAreTheLeeches or comment below!

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