Learn the basics of coding with Minecraft

The good folks over at code.org have some great tools for teaching the basics of coding to anyone willing to learn. They have browser based, bite size (1 hour long) sessions that use pop culture references to engage anyone wanting to get involved.

The sessions are free for anyone to use and there are also a wealth of resources available for anyone wishing to use it in the classroom.

I had a go at the Minecraft "Hour of Code". The interface is really easy  to use and understand, making it simple to add code using a visual editor. It was no time at all before I was adding loops and other programming staples to get Steve or Alex (male and female avatars - its nice to see gender equality here!) to navigate and build in the Minecraft themed world.

There is also a Star Wars based one if that tickles your fancy. Even if you are not new to coding I'd say give it a go, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and will be getting my eldest to have a go!

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Lee Sands

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