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By David Toon / 16th February 2015 at 17:37
Winning without Losing by Martin Bjergegaard and Jordan Milne

I cant remember the exact time I came across the book, it was around summer 2013 and for me it was the book that started my journey on achieving all the things I really wanted to do in life.

As a freelancer with a wife and kids and like many people I found I was working long hours, I also thought I should be working long hours if one day i wanted to achieve the freedom that success and money would bring for me and my family. If I wasn't working, I would no doubt be thinking about work or checking twitter, social media and tech magazines, writing up notes on the next big idea that I wouldn't have time to work on.

This was getting me nowhere fast and could have easily crept negativity into my home life as I became more frustrated with distractions getting in the way of being where I needed to be.

Winning without losing uses 66 mini stories, case studies and strategies from a range of successful entrepreneurs to illustrate how you can still build your own business into something big whilst still living a happy, well balanced life that puts friends, family and the things you want to do in life first.

The 4-Hour Work Week: Escape the 9-5 by Tim Ferriss

​This book, a New York bestseller was mentioned and recommended in Winning without Losing. Written back in 2011, I have heard recent reviews asking whether this book is still relevant for 2015, from my own experience some of the strategies that is introduces I still use today.

It is an exciting read that gives you numerous lightbulb moments were everything is clear and you now understand what you need to do to achieve your goals.

Here's a snapshot of some of the small changes I have made to my life based on both this book and Winning without losing :

- Learnt how to avoid rush hour traffic by getting to work via a mountain bike, gym and train.
- Starting outsourcing regular tasks to IT teams across the world at fairly low cost.
- Cut people from my life that drained my time or had a negative impact including paying customers.
- Making more time to experience things with friends and family.
- Stopped writing huge to-do lists and focused one the one main task I needed to work on today.



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