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My Smart Home Adventure

By Lee Sands / 17th November 2015 at 12:45

There is a fast growing group of products that aim to make your life easier by reducing the burden of everyday tasks, connecting to each other in clever ways and allowing you to easily manage your home from anywhere with an internet connection. These "Smart Home" products bill themselves as time and money saving in a space where little has change for many years. Can these new devices really do that? Can devices from multiple manufacturers co-exist and not only play ball with other but work together in ways that we always wanted them too?

I have long planned out my smart home journey, the results of which are impossible to confine to a single article. The sections below break the topic into relevant areas and will be released over the next few weeks as I come to grips with all of this new tech and answer the burning questions about this new niche of home gadgets - Are they worth it?

The Internet of Things (IoT)

In this first article I dive deeper into the growing world of smart, connected home devices.

Smart Watch

I wanted to start this journey with something that could yield immediate results. COMING SOON!

Smart Home lighting

Smart Lighting

A revolution is happening with the way we light our homes. COMING SOON!

Smart Home controls

Remote Envy

Remove the clutter from your living room and simplify your AV setup. COMING SOON!

Smart Home thermostat

Smart Thermostat

Heat you home the smart way. COMING SOON!

Give your smart home a voice

Giving your home a voice

Once the dream of science fiction lovers, now you can talk to your home and get it to work for you. COMING SOON!

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Lee Sands

IT Evangelist and generalist for over 10 years spanning everything from virtualisation to Enterprise Lync farm deployment. Currently an IT Manager in the education sector. Co-Founder of ManMadeClub, a blog for post modern family men. I'm into anything and everything but particularly video games, tech and food.