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Gaming Week-Lee’s – Resogun Leaderboards / Challenges

A thing of beauty.

My first gaming experience was a Commodore 64. My dad had one that he said was for work, however I only remember him playing games on it. He and my mum would sit up all night playing text adventure games and drawing out maps on graph paper. I was getting a pound or so a week pocket money at the time so I used to save it to get either a new C64 game (they were usually £1.99 each) or I would get a C64 magazine that had a tape on the front with demos and other small programs on. There was a buzz in the air at this time as home computing was growing and home users started to see the possibilities. Bedroom developers started to appear and particularly in good ol' Britannia - you had all you needed to create your own games right in front of you.

These magazines would also have gaming sections and some of the magazines were even dedicated to gaming. Some of the writers would focus on one game for that month and then have a section with their high scores for readers to try and beat. You would be encouraged to take a photo of you in front of the TV with the high score and send it in.​ This was a fantastic way for me to squeeze every drop of value out of the few games that I had. I would spend hours playing one game hoping to break into the top ten. I was young and not very good at some of the games, games that still stand up as being difficult today. What has really stuck with me though is how connected I felt to the other gamers who I imagined were furiously trying to beat the scores just like I was.

Time Pockets

I find myself in a  similar situation today, but for different reasons.​ Time is now the biggest factor and I don't have hours on end to sit playing video games. Instead pockets of time are available, when the kids are in the bath or when I get home half an hour before the rest of the family. It takes me a very long time to finish a bigger game because within these half an hour pockets its not really feasible to start out on a mission in Far Cry 4. These bigger open world games take me months to finish as I may only get a two hour window once a week. 

Resogun Leaderboards

Right now I am having a blast playing games like Resogun. Housemarque are one of my favourite developers for the PS4​ and I sunk many hours in Super Star Dust HD and Dead Nation on the PS3 (and PS4 for Dead Nation). Housemarque are very good at supporting a game way beyond release, keeping it fresh and changing core gameplay mechanics in innovative ways. With Resogun for example, a big new update adding weekly challenges and a whole raft of static challenges has just been released, well over a year after the game initially released! The new Defenders DLC (which I intend to review soon) released yesterday and is a superb addition to the game, giving it further legs. The bit I enjoy most about Resogun though is the fantastic leaderboard implementation, its embedded into all corners of the game and keeps me coming back almost daily to check for any updates. Despite today's consoles making it even easier to add your digital friends and rank among them there is still some disconnect, they are after all just names on a screen. Perhaps it's the discussion's around the chase that really connected you, the magazines of old would print the letters and recount the stories and the struggles of players trying to beat the scores as they sent in their smug cheesy grinned photos.

This love of leader boards and the chase associated with them has led me to start this new feature where I play a game regularly and post weekly(ish) videos and leader boards of my progress, inviting anyone who reads the article to join in (my PSN ID is : WeAreTheLeeches - Please feel free to add me. Just add "MMC" in the message so I know where you are from!) The game may change over time but for the next few weeks at least I'd like to start it off with Resogun. I am by no means a professional at this game but I like to think I can hold my own.

So here's my first video from the newly released Resogun DLC- Defenders. You'll see I give my current friends list a good whopping, think you can do better? Bring it on! Let the Resogun Leaderboards commence!

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