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Unfit Me – Fortnightly Update 1

For anyone that read the first article the title of this one is already a give away, I haven't even managed to do a weekly update let alone stick to my original plans. I have my excuses lined up ready to go, lets get them out of the way. The weather hasn't been that great, I couldn't find a pump for my bike tyres, that pork pie was going to be thrown away, its too dark, I'm too tired etcetera and etcetera.

In reality I have stuck well to the reduced calorie intake as specified by myfitnesspal but failed to put anywhere near as much exercise as I wanted. I have been on a few walks during my lunch break at work and I hate to say it, only 1 jog. Yep. Two weeks and 1 jog. That's terrible. I have only myself to blame and only I can change it.​ My under used joints and muscles tend to need a large recovery time after each jog (3-4 days) so I am finding it tough to keep any momentum going. I know that from speaking to David I need to push through these times and that it will get easier. Keeping my accountability high through this blog is also important - its helped David to keep him motivated in his quest.

Myfitnesspal has made tracking my calories very easy and hassle free, it has already become habit. I have been using it as a guide, some days I go over and some I come in under but on average I am hitting my goal. I am only going to weigh myself every other update, I don't want to be disheartened by a small loss. 

Daily Calorie Consumption

My endomondo feed is embarrassingly empty...

It was dark, I'm tired

The hardest part of the past week or two is now, writing this up here for all to see. This weekend gives me the oppourtunity to get out for a jog and to see if I can get my hands on a bike pump.

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