Unfit Me!

I am unfit.

My Wheels - 2011 Specialzed Hardrock Sport Disc

This is not some new revelation, it has been in the back of my mind for a few years. I have attempted to rectify the situation numerous times. I own a fairly decent mountain bike and I enjoyed attempting to ride it for a year or so, however it currently resides in the garage unloved and mocking me. I recently bought some running shoes, but I have only used them once. Things have to change.

Tell it like it is

I am reaching the age where my body is slowly starting to shut down and prepare for death. I am 33 years old. I have aches and pains and yesterday I pulled a muscle in my neck while getting into the bath! I am a believer in the benefits of regular exercise and I know that my life would be better for it. I am a stress magnet, my arms and shoulders are always tense and there is the odd, very rare, occasion when I have been known to be a little bit grumpy. I know that exercise can help with these things. I owe it to my work colleagues, my family and most of all myself. When the zombie apocalypse happens I don't want be the breathless, sweat laden, "if all else fails Lee will be eaten first" guy at the back.

My work space!

Its at this point that I would like to point out that I don't think I am hugely overweight, I am bigger than I would like. I lead a very sedentary lifestyle, I sit and drive 45 mins to work where I sit in front of two (very nice Dell IPS) screens all day and then sit and drive another 45 minutes home to sit and play video games or watch the latest trending TV shows with the wife. This is what I spend the majority of my time doing, its not an excuse but its a big indicator into why I am as unfit as I currently am. After weighing myself recently I decided to blog about it here on Man Made Club. You see I haven't really stuck with anything for long enough and if I hold myself accountable on here then maybe it will stick.

​So whats the plan?

I am going to use some of the latest fitness and healthy eating mobile apps to help me achieve both weight loss and improve my fitness levels. I also have some goals in mind for my ideal target weight and some tangible fitness targets to aim for:

  • ​I'd like my weight to be 13 1/2 stone. This would make my BMI 24.3%
  • I want to be able to run 10k
  • I want to be able to climb the big hill at Cannock Chase without collapsing halfway up (Mountain Biking)
  • I want to be able to tackle the Monkey Trail at Cannock Chase with confidence (both technically and physically)

To achieve these goals I need to start eating more of the right foods and less food in general. I need to get out and exercise regularly (2-3 times a week at least). For me this is the hardest part but I am determined this time - and its time that is the biggest problem. Between my work and my commute, family life and some time spent doing things for me, its going to be a struggle to fit it in. Once it has started though the benefits should be fairly easy to spot straight away, after doing something similar a few years ago I found I actually had more time because I wasn't so stressed and could stay up later in the evenings. The amount of time spent should be returned in time gained feeling better! I think if i go on a couple of bike rides a week and get out to jog once or twice I will start seeing some real gains, add that to a 20-30 minute walk every weekday on my lunch break and I'll be laughing! (and coughing and spluttering)

For the food side of things I just need to be a bit smarter - I don't eat particularly badly now, but sugar has crept back into my cups of tea and I am having the kids cereal again in the morning (who can resist??)​. Better portion control and only allowing myself a beer or two in the evening if I have the calories left will really start to bring my growing gut back into line.

Digital personal trainer

​I am using two apps to help me. Endomondo sports tracker has a fantastic free version that tracks a ridiculous amount of sports and works out your calorie loss based on your build and the workout info. The interface is really easy to use and has an abundance of options (I like the countdown option giving you time to set off on your bike before tracking the workout). Endomondo then syncs with MyFitnessPal to add the calories back onto the day giving you more to play with for your meals. MyFitnessPal makes tracking your calorie intake really easy, it saves your favourite meal and has bar code scanning all wrapped up with an intuitive interface. You can even create you own foods for use later.

Both apps have social features and you can hit me up using the following details:

  • ​Endomondo - You can find me by using my full name (Lee Sands)
  • MyFitnessPal - my username is "misterleeches"

My next step is to try and do weekly updates. These might keep me focused on the task at hand. For this next week I need to get out on my bike and check the state of the brakes and gearing mechanism, it could do with a service (I have already cleared the garage and got the old girl out for a wash at the weekend). In the meantime check out my current stats below, I'll be including them every week so that progress is easy to track. There are some nice embed options from the Endomondo app that I might play around with too.....

Update 1 is in! - Take me there now

  • Vital Statistics
  • Workouts


6 foot 2 inches


14 stone 9 pounds


26.3 (between 25 and 30% is classed as overweight)


I need to measure this

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