Who are we?

We are generalists.

​Generalists at work, generalists with our responsibilities at home and our interests and our passions are also varied and wide. We like doing lots of different things and as post modern family men we are expected to be involved in all aspects of family life.

​Some people dedicate their whole life to one pursuit. Some people are mountain bikers and that's it, its how they define themselves. There is no problem with this, it works for them.

​It does not work for us. Life is short, there so many things to experience.

We like mountain biking and video games and cooking and gardening and technology and getting out with the wife and kids and watching films and TV shows and reading books and geocaching and music and culture and learning and you get the idea.​

We also like talking to each other about these things because each time we do its a small voyage of discovery, perhaps a new game or a new TV show to fanatically enjoy. The journey became part of the fun. When we learned we shared with each other and we realised that surely we couldn't be alone. Perhaps more men like us would be interested. So we created this site to document all of our discoveries (and indeed start lots of new ones as we fumble our way through video blogging and social media) and to share in the journeys and discoveries with others.​

Perhaps the saying "Jack of all trades, master of none" doesn't apply when all the Jacks get together and share their knowledge and experience.....​